niedziela, 31 stycznia 2010


No i myśl uciekła, teraz w głowie mi się nuci i nie chce przestać.........

I-I I wanna be your cow
Give you all the milk around town
Let me see, let me see you drink it down
I-I, I wanna be the pear tree
I want you to climb all over me
Try my fruit and taste my seed

Climb right on me, lay it on me
C-climb right on me, l-lay it on me!

Just let my do my thing
Until you start to sing
I'm going down all you night long
I'm gonna build a bond
I'm pullin' out my wand
Feels so right it can't be wrong!


Well I-I, I wanna be your lover
I wanna be your man
I want you to understand

And I-I, I wanna be you lover baby
I wanna be your girl
Blow a kiss and change the world, yeah


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